What you need to know to participate in EAHAM...

The booth fee will vary based on the venue and size of the space, as well as whether it is a holiday event. Approval of vendors is the first step.

All participating vendors must be approved beforehand. You will get email notification of acceptance.

Vending must be of locally hand-made items only. Food items are allowed at our current location, as long as they are made by you or your team! Check with us if you'd like to vend from a vehicle or trailer (not included here) or be a sponsor.

Vending occurs on scheduled Market days only. See NEWS for our scheduled Market events in the near future. Load in for normal market events will be at 10 am. We open to the public at 12 pm, and load out starts at 5 pm. For Yule Bazaar, DEC 17th (Sunday) we will load in at 9 am and break down at 7 pm. We will be open to the public 11am-7pm. Please arrive in time to be fully set up by the time we open. Our events are always free admission to the public, and kid-friendly.

The location of our events will be different for each season. Once you are approved, you will be sent the information as to where our next events will be taking place. Participating artists must park on the street, and not in venue parking lots (with the exception of Central Market). Participating artists may pull into the venue parking lot to unload, but then you must move your vehicle prior to setup. Participating artists will be assigned spaces according to regular participation and how early your payment has been received. Do not set up early unless you have been assigned a regular space.

Booths spaces will be determined by the venue and may be indoor, outdoor (or both). This information will be supplied to you in the newsletter when you are approved. Multiple adjacent spaces may be purchased by adding the same date multiple times to your shopping cart. Partners may split booths if all parties have been approved. Payment is placed jointly for partnerships. Participating artists must sell only pre-approved items.

Participating artists must bring their own fixtures, tables, etc. for display of their wares. Canopy tents ARE required for outdoor spaces at Yule Bazzar this year. They can be any color, and must be no larger than 10'x10'. At least 30 lbs total in weights, securely installed, are required for all canopy tents. (Spikes cannot be used at Yule Bazaar this year). Participating artists may use no zip-ties in their setup. (Get velcro! -at Home Despot.) Participating artists must dispose of their own trash. (Trash cans are provided.) Drinking of alcoholic beverages will be determined by the venue and will be strictly enforced. If the venue is a bar, alcohol that is not purchased at the venue NOT is permitted (by TABC law). BYOB is permitted this year at Yule Bazaar.

Please let us know if you would like to set up on the patio (when available)! There are a few spaces where a table and picnic umbrella are provided for those who would like to use these ready-made setups, but these go quickly so you need to get your reservation in early to get one of these coveted spaces. At Central Market the patio spaces are roughly 4'x8'. They have the benefit of being closer to the general public. They do not have a picnic umbrella, but they are well shaded by trees.

Electricity will be provided. Yule Bazzar outdoor folks, please bring lights. No loud or fume-spewing generators will be permitted.

Air conditioned restroom facilities are provided.

Live and pre-recorded music will be provided as a draw for customers. If you do not want to be close to the music, please request to be away from the stage area (though this is where people gather the most). This will be the outdoor area at Yule Bazaar.

Participating artists must bring a copy of a valid sales tax certificate and have it present in your booth at all times. Participating artists are responsible for collection of their own sales tax. If you apply for a sales tax license, you will receive a number that you can use instantly. You do not have to wait until your documentation arrives (but please have this number with you when you come to participate in an event.)

This market is NOT rain or shine (unless we are at an indoor venue)! Rain checks will be given if the market is temporarily closed down for inclement weather. (You will receive email notification if this is the case.) Refunds will not be given under any circumstances. Rain checks, however, WILL be given as long as you inform us by noon on the Friday before an event that you cannot attend. For Yule Bazaar, we will only rain-check if it is an ice day this year, because the venue is rain ready. The deadline to get a raincheck for Yule Bazaar will be Dec 10th. This is also the deadline to join an event, if we are not already full. The deadline for submission to Yule Bazaar is Dec 1st.

If you break down earlier than the end time set for an event you will not be asked to return (unless previously arranged with the organizer).

Participating artists agree to promote the market through all channels available: email lists and / or social media, etc. We will provide marketing / facebook event materials. The market will also promote regularly participating artists on this website as well as our Facebook Page. Participating artists must agree that their likeness and works may be photographed for promotional purposes.

Participating artists agree to release and hold harmless the business entities of the venue location, The East Austin Handmade Arts Market organizers, and the property owners. By clicking below, you are indicating that you waive all rights, without limit upon liability for use of their property and facilities.

By clicking this link I indicate I have read the above and will abide by all terms and conditions specified herein.